How We Can Treat Your Bunions

For some patients, bunions are a minor source of discomfort and inconvenience when it comes to their feet. Professional bunion treatment Bunion Treatmentis necessary when the deformity starts to affect the way that you walk and causes pain when you are wearing your favorite shoes. Learn how the team at Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center in Alexandria, VA, can treat your bunions.

How to Know You Have Bunions
A podiatrist can provide an accurate diagnosis, but it is easy to recognize when you have a case of bunions. These are some of the most telling signs:

- Bump forming on the insides of both feet.
- Toes overlapping for pressing tightly against each other.
- Discomfort when wearing shoes.
- Calluses, hammertoes, and redness or inflammation at sensitive spots on the foot.

How Do Bunions Develop?
Bunion formation is a slow process that happens over weeks or months and in some cases years. The toes may be squeezed together when wearing certain shoes, causing the toe metatarsal bone to move inward while the toes move outward. Besides poor foot wear (especially high heels or pointed-toe dress shoes), bunions can be caused or aggravated by any of these issues:

- A previous foot injury.
- An inherited family trait (bunions can run in families).
- An arthritic condition.
- Congenital defects related to the feet.

How Your Bunions Will Be Treated
Your best bet when seeking bunion treatment from your Alexandria, VA, podiatrist is to have the issue resolved using a non-invasive method. If there is some way to train the big toe back into alignment using orthotics, padding between the toes, or foot wrapping, that will likely be the initial choice. If constant foot pain is a problem, corticosteroid injections and NSAID medications may be prescribed. A bunionectomy is the name of the surgery required when bunions won’t respond to non-invasive solutions.

Contact Your Podiatrist for Help
The staff at Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center in Alexandria, VA, offers simple, effective, non-invasive ways to correct bunion deformities. In some cases, a surgical bunion treatment may be required to get your feet back into alignment. Call (703) 971-7100 or (703) 360-9292 today to schedule an appointment at one of their two locations.