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Is Bunion Surgery Right For Me?

If traditional methods of treating bunions - padding, pain medication, or decrease in activity - haven't been effective, it may be time to discuss bunion surgery with your Alexandria, VA podiatrist. From Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center, Dr. Angelo Pace answers Bunions some questions about how bunion surgery affects his patients.

How is bunion surgery performed?

Bunion surgery, also called bunionectomy, aims at removing the bony protrusion that makes up the bunion and realigning the affected bones. There are two main types of bunion surgery performed by your Alexandria podiatrist: head procedures, which reposition the big toe joint with a screw or pin, and base procedures, which focus on the bone behind the big toe and are typically more extensive.

Is bunion surgery painful?

During the actual procedure itself, performed at a surgical center or hospital, you will be given enough local anesthetic to numb the entire foot. You may also be given a sedative that will give you a sensation of deep relaxation. Many of Dr. Pace's Alexandria patients do not even recall the bunion surgery after it is over. After the bunionectomy, there may be several days of swelling and discomfort as the surgery site heals. Following Dr. Angelo Pace's post-operative instructions will help to minimize both pain and swelling.

How long is the recovery time after bunion surgery?

During the first two weeks, the foot will need to be elevated as much as possible. For this reason, walking should be very minimal. Within three to four weeks, many people can begin wearing a wide athletic-style shoe. By the fifth week of recovery, the wound should be healed enough for the patient to begin walking short distances. Staying in contact with your Alexandria podiatrist throughout your bunion surgery recovery is crucial.

If you have bunions, don't wait to have them treated. Early treatment means better success in many cases. Contact Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center in Alexandria, Virginia for an evaluation of your condition.