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Taking Care of Aging Feet

What your foot doctor in Alexandria, VA, wants you to know about geriatric foot care


Elderly Foot CareYour body goes through a lot of changes as you age, and your feet do too. It’s important to take care of your feet so they can carry you through your life. Your foot doctor, Dr. Angelo Pace, at Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center wants to share the facts about taking care of your aging feet. He has two convenient office locations in Alexandria, VA, to help you take care of your feet.

First, you need to know some of the changes you and your feet will experience as you age. Consider that aging causes:

  • Thinner skin, so your feet may get injured easily
  • Stiffer joints, so your feet may not be as flexible
  • Flatter arches, so your feet will become wider and longer

You may also be at increased risk for medical conditions like these:

  • Weight gain, which can cause increased stress on your feet
  • Arthritis, which can make your bones and joints painful
  • Diabetes, which can cause nerve pain and decrease healing
  • Osteoporosis, which can increase risk of fractures

So, how do you take care of your aging feet? There are several simple things you can do to keep your feet in excellent shape. Remember to:

  • Avoid going barefoot
  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly every day
  • Apply moisturizing cream or lotion on clean, dry feet
  • Examine your feet every day and look for injuries or problems
  • Keep toenails trimmed straight across to avoid ingrown toenails
  • Stretch arches, ankles and toes every day to stay flexible
  • Always wear moisture-wicking socks and supportive shoes

It’s important to take care of your feet as you get older, and it’s easy too. It only takes a few minutes to protect your feet. Your foot doctor can help, so call Dr. Angelo Pace at Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center in Alexandria, VA, today!