Do I Have Flat Feet?

It is estimated that at least 25% of all Americans have flat feet. Flat feet are a very common syndrome and usually do not signify any serious health issue. Many people can still comfortably enjoy sports, hiking, and exercise with flat feet, as long as you and your podiatrist have worked out the proper accommodations. Your foot doctor can help with your flat feet, call Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center and speak with Dr. Angelo Pace to discover treatment options and accommodations available to you. If you live in the Alexandria, VA, area visit Dr. Pace's offices on Walker or Sherwood.

How to tell if you have flat feet?

There is a simple test you can do at home to tell if you have flat feet. Simply stand up straight with your feet on the ground and check whether or not the inner sides of your feet lay flat against the floor. If so, you have flat feet. Nothing to be alarmed about at all, flat feet usually require no surgery and do not need to be corrected unless it causes you serious pain. If you are still unsure, a quick visit to your Alexandria foot doctor will determine if you have flat feet.

Common causes of flat feet include genetics, weak arches, and damaged foot tendons. Most people with flat feet have had them since birth, while some can grow out of them, this genetic trait will usually not hurt you in the long run. However, if your flat feet are caused by damage to foot tendons you may need to visit your podiatrist, Dr. Pace, to receive treatment.

Treatment for Flat Feet

As stated earlier, flat feet do not commonly require surgery. Normally, the inner sides of the feet arch above the ground to help distribute weight to the balls of your feet. Those who lack this arch may feel discomfort when wearing certain shoes or when walking. Treatment involves correcting this issue to help redistribute that weight. Your podiatrist will most likely recommend certain types of shoes, insoles, or orthotics to help you. They can also provide therapy exercises to build muscle strength in the foot to reduce pain. Most treatment is simple and painless, so there is nothing to lose but the discomfort you may have.

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