Why Are Custom Orthotics Important?

Custom orthotics are specially-made devices that your Alexandria, VA, podiatrist can prescribe as part of a comprehensive treatment. They are used to provide support, relieve pain, and may even allow you to avoid more invasive procedures. Learn more about custom orthotics by reaching out to Dr. Angelo Pace of the Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center.

More than Just Insoles

Over-the-counter shoe inserts are sometimes recommended to manage mild symptoms, but if you are experiencing no noticeable relief then your doctor may recommend custom orthotics. Unlike store-bought inserts, these are specially molded to your feet and made to treat a specific condition. While store-bought insoles are often enough for many, if you find yourself relying on them, then it may be wise to consult with your doctor about custom orthotics.

Necessary Support

One of the goals of orthotics is to provide your feet with support, support that they often lack due to certain conditions. Without proper support, they can cause or exacerbate foot and ankle problems.

Those who suffer from diabetes, for example, are likely to experience foot injuries that don't heal as fast and that are also often much more difficult to notice. So custom orthotics can help reduce the risk of such injuries by providing the necessary support.

Pain Relief

Foot pain is typically related to improper support and foot conditions that are caused or made worse by the lack of it. Custom orthotics can provide pain relief by reducing the stress on your feet and by preventing problems such as hammertoes and heel pain from aggravating.

Less Invasive

Many of the conditions that cause foot pain and discomfort can be treated with orthotics, and the earlier they are treated it's less likely the condition will become severe enough to require surgery. There are times when surgery may be the only option, but for most cases, custom orthotics may help you avoid it.

Orthotics in Alexandria, VA

Orthotics come in different shapes and are made from various types of materials, all to accommodate your feet and your specific issues. If you are looking for relief then schedule a consultation today with your Alexandria, VA, podiatrist to find out if custom orthotics are right for you. Make an appointment today with Dr. Angelo Pace of the Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center by dialing (703) 971-7100 for the Walker office and (703) 360-9292 for Sherwood.