Interested in Orthotics?

As a board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Angelo Pace of Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center in Alexandria, VA, diagnoses and treats medical conditions that affect your feet and ankles, such as pain, swelling, balance issues, and even falling. He also works with individuals who have chronic health conditions that affect their feet, such as diabetes. At his offices in Walker and Sherwood Hall, Dr. Pace provides orthotics for patients in Alexandria, VA, to help with their foot imbalances.

Why Do I Need Shoe Inserts?

If your foot examination reveals specific problem areas in your feet, Dr. Pace may recommend shoe inserts. The devices help relieve symptoms, such as pain and swelling, as well as compensate for abnormalities, such as flat arches and joint deformities.

How Do Shoe Inserts Work?

Orthotics fit inside your shoes. You may also need special shoes to accommodate the shoe inserts. The inserts are custom-made to correct your foot shape. It may take some time to adjust to having shoe inserts. Over time, you will feel more stable on your feet and experience fewer symptoms.

Why are Custom Shoe Inserts Better?

You can find shoe inserts at many retail stores, yet these orthotics are only available in standard shapes and sizes. The shoe inserts may not correct all of the issues with your feet, and, in some cases, you may develop new problems or have worsening symptoms. Dr. Pace offers custom orthotics for people in Alexandria, VA, from Dr. Pace that are specifically designed for your feet.

Do I Use Shoe Inserts Every Day?

Wearing shoe inserts strengthens the muscles in your feet and keeps your feet in a proper position. To ensure the best possible outcome, wear your shoe inserts every day, even when you are at home. Dr. Pace can help you find a range of shoes for every occasion, such as walking around your home, as well as for work, casual attire, and exercising.

What Can I Expect from Shoe Inserts?

Dr. Pace checks the shoe inserts to make sure that they fit in your shoes and make the necessary adjustments to your feet. Use your shoe inserts as soon as you get up in the morning. You’ll start by wearing your shoe inserts for two to four hours per day, increasing the time by one to two hours each day. The break-in period takes up to two weeks.

If you would like to learn more about podiatry and orthotics for Alexandria, VA, residents, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pace. Call Advanced Pace Foot and Ankle Center at (703) 971-7100 for our Walker office and (703) 360-9292 for our office in Sherwood Hall.