The Importance of Proper Diabetic Foot Care

As a diabetic, it is especially important that you care for your feet properly and pay attention to any possible changes. High blood glucose levels can cause damage to the nerves that lead to your feet which is also known as diabetic neuropathy. With neuropathy, it is possible to develop wounds on your feet that go unnoticed. These wounds can lead to serious infection and possibly amputation. Fortunately, taking the proper steps to care for your feet can prevent this from happening. At Advanced Pace Foot And Ankle Center in Alexandria, VA, your podiatrist, Dr. Angelo Pace is here to help his patients understand the importance of proper diabetic foot care.

What To Watch Out For

In order to prevent possible amputation, it is important to watch out for certain things regularly, especially if you have been diagnosed to have diabetic neuropathy.

  • Frequently check your blood glucose levels to ensure it is in the range suggested by your doctor
  • Increase your physical activity and daily exercise levels
  • Practice good skin care and hygiene for your feet
  • Check daily for any wounds or scratches
  • Keep your blood flowing, do not sit still for more than two hours at a time

What To Do If You Become Injured

It is important to disinfect and care for a wound as soon as it is noticed. Another good thing to do is to visit your podiatrist so that it can be examined. Antibiotic ointment is a definite necessity along with sterile gauze or a bandage to avoid infection.

Learn More About Diabetic Foot Care

With the help of our podiatrist at Advanced Pace Foot And Ankle Center, we make it our priority to teach our diabetic patients the importance of proper foot care. The last thing that anyone wants is to be faced with a possible amputation due to neglect of care. If you live in or around Alexandria, VA call or visit our offices to find out more about your foot care needs. We have two offices in Alexandria for your convenience, one on Walker Lane which can be reached at (703) 971-7100, and one on Sherwood Hall Lane with can be reached at (703) 360-9292.